Isn’t it Aromatic? I can smell it, it’s in the air! It’s my craving for blogging and let other people know me. It’s my desire of knowledge and my uncontrollable curiosity!

It’s a very special and carachteristic aroma: the one you can smell into libraries, into your garage when you’re looking for something old belonging to your parents, the typical smell of old clothes and grandparents wardrobes.

This is Aromatic!

Stuff full of real life, history, experiences, emotions that you can touch and smell whenever you want, looking for something new, looking for enriching your soul. It is not only the cake you’re preparing for your family, the coffe you drink every morning, the shower gel, the shampoo you use everyday.

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It is more than this!

Looking for something Aromatic, means getting in contact with what you did not experience, with an old memory belonging to someone else; means growing and keeping on searching and understanding the world surrounding you.

That’s my point of view!





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