A Journey for a change…

Welcome readers,

here below the picture that perfectly represents and explains the title of today blog.


It’s my story! It was my journey! It was my dream coming true!

The US have always been my Dream Land, since I remember…since I first saw the honey moon photo album of my parents. They have been there in 1983 for a special tour of the East Coast. It was their fault if I started craving for this Country!

In August 2013 came my lucky day and I finally put my feet on the North American ground!

Before this trip I was like those deep grey, dark and fluffy clouds on my picture:

-living my life monotonously

-going to work every day not because I liked it, but because I needed money and earning something to build my future

-listening to complaints and bad outburst against me

-taking them for granted, enduring and suffering for it (a lot)

-sharing my days with my boyfriend (my only key point, my strength, my personal punchball, confidant, friend and love of my life) but unable to share our lives (yet)

In September 2013, once back home from the trip, I finally realized that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, a slightly glare, like the sun coming right after the storm, as the orange and yellow hint at the bottom of the picture:

-I started going to the gym erveryday

-I quitted my job

-I found a new job (my actual one)

-I started to answer back if someone attacks me

-I bought a new house to live with my beloved boyfriend and soon we will get married

All this…to tell you, that a journey can change your entire life, can make you feel better, can OPEN your mind and let you understand that life is so fleeing, elusive and too short to loose your time living a life that does not belong to you!

Travel, experience, get in contact with other cultures …  and keep on dreaming!





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