Suggestion of the day 13.12.2016

Life isn’t all peaches and dandelions …

Take a look to this story and think about your own life, take stock and realize that there’s something really bad outside your home sweet home , threats, nightmares, pain and fear.

We must be strong, we must react, we cannot fall down if we feel low … and most of all we cannot complain of our humble life … we are lucky to stay alive, to live happily and smile to every new day we start, free of that cruel monster we generally call drug which is not only the white powder, or the heroin, or something synthetic.

We may call drug also the depression, the exhaustion, the hatred, the world which does not belong to us, the community which does not help us, people that do not take us into consideration, indifference, apathy.

Drug is something we look for; drug is not something we accidentally meet during our daily routine; drug is a cause and a consequence as well; it is feeling inappropriate and left behind.

Do not give up! Ask for help and Someone will be there to help you!





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